7 Ways Ballet Makes Me A Better Entrepreneur

Original photo coutesy of Toni Bazala, Pazaz Christian Dance Academy

Original photo courtesy of Toni Bazala, Pazaz Christian Dance Academy

The world of ballet, with its classical music, costumes, and pointe shoes, may not initially seem like it has anything to do with running a business – much less a consulting firm focused on manufacturing.  However, I would argue that as an entrepreneur there is much to be learned from ballet. So much so, that beyond my typical weekly classes, I’ve invested the last two weeks in a dance intensive. (Three days a week for five hours a night.)

So let me take you past the stage and the lights and show you what you can learn from this performing art that can make you a better entrepreneur. Continue reading

How to Pursue Your Passion

Pursue Your Passion

(This is part 3 of a 3 part series.)

In Part 1 of this series, I outlined three different options available when you take the Entrepreneurial Leap. The first one I describe is to pursue your passion. This option works well if you have 18 to 24 months to make the transition from employee to Naptime CEO. This option also assumes that you’re making some type of transition from what you are currently doing to what you plan to do in your newly launched business.

Here are the major steps you need to take to Pursue Your Passion. Continue reading

Lowest Hanging Fruit

Photo Credit: Anna Hunter

Photo Credit: Anna Hunter

(This is part 2 of a 3 part series)

In my last post, How To Take The Entrepreneurial Leap, I talked about different options for taking the leap. The second option I highlighted was Grabbing the Lowest Hanging Fruit. This is a phrase we often use in my consulting firm when talking with clients about options that will get them some quick wins. – Actions that have a big impact with little effort. – This was the option I chose and is the most popular option if you don’t have lots of time for your transition plan – say 12 months or less.

Here’s what you can do to launch a business around your lowest hanging fruit. Continue reading

How To Take The Entrepreneurial Leap


Photo Credit: iStockPhoto

Photo Credit: iStockPhoto

(This is part 1 of a 3 part series.)

So you’ve decided you want something more out of life than just the typical get up, drop the kids off, go to work all day, pick up the kids, dinner, then bedtime routine.

You want more time with your children, but still have a professional life.

You want to be a Naptime CEO!

But how do you even start?

In this post I’ll take you through the key decisions you’ll need to make, your options, and what I did (and why you shouldn’t do that). Continue reading

Should You Pursue Your Passion As Your Business?

Pursue Your Passion

In case you’ve missed it, these seems to be quite a bit of debate these days about work and what type of work you should pursue. Start discussing this among entrepreneurs and would-be business owners and the debate can get down-right heated. At the heart of the matter is whether you should try to just find good solid work that you may not like, but pays really well or if you should pursue work you love.

The media laments that pursuing work you love is over-glamorized. A bunch of starry-eyed dreamers who can’t provide for their families. However, for many, the thought of spending their entire working lives doing something they dislike or even despise just because it pays well destroys their soul. (There’s a reason more than 70 percent of workers are disengaged and looking for other work.)

So what’s the answer? Continue reading

How Do You Define Success?

How do you define success

A few weeks ago, I posted this statement to my Facebook page and got quite a response:

“If you want to be a Naptime CEO, you cannot simply accept the world’s definition of success, you need to create your own definition of success.”

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All to often, people who want to start a business are afraid to because they think they might fail. What they forget is failure is based on your definition of success.

Let me illustrate… Continue reading

3 Ways to Handle Negative Comments

Negative Comments

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about bullying. Most prominently was the news story about the football coach who suspended his entire team because they were cyber-bullying another student. Even my own kids were learning about bullying and making pledges to not bully at school. It got me thinking about some of the negative comments I’ve received to blog posts and videos I have posted.

Anytime you put yourself out there, it seems someone feels they can bash you. For me, this is really hard! I was raised to always look for the positive and if I didn’t have anything nice to say, to not say anything at all. Didn’t these people have parents that taught them the same? Continue reading

When Your Dream Job Becomes A Nightmare

dreams nightmares

I’m Back!

So I had to take a summer sabbatical from this blog. It was not the typical, “it’s summer and I want to hang out with my kids and go to the pool” sabbatical. – I kind of wished it was.

Instead it was more of the “Oh my word, what I am doing with my life, it’s a mess, and what could I possible offer to any other potential entrepreneur because I would just be a hypocrite!”

As with most things in life, the past few months were not nearly as bad as they felt at the time and I’m in the process of getting a grip on it all. So in keeping with my promise to be open and honest with all of you let me share with you what I’ve learned, because this journey of entrepreneurship and being a Naptime CEO is not always sunshine and rainbows. 😉 Continue reading

What Are You Willing To Sacrifice?

While this blog post may not be a huge news flash to you, I’m going to bet, it may not be something you’ve put as much thought into as maybe you should have. Trust me when I tell you that if you don’t deliberately do this ahead of time, you can easily find yourself on a very slippery slope to a place you do not want to go.

Dress Rehearsal

My daughter’s dance class backstage at dress rehearsal.

What am I talking about? Sacrifice.

This practice is employed by anyone who excels at their craft. People who are incredibly productive don’t have more time than the rest of us, they simply make To Do lists and the all so important NOT To Do lists. Look at high performing athletes or performers, they make decisions every day about what they are going to do and what they will not do.

If you’re serious about starting or growing a business Continue reading