Hi, I’m Megan Burns, the Naptime CEO. I started and grew a professional consulting firm during naptimes because I didn’t just want better work/life balance, I just wanted a LIFE! Along the way I’ve learned quite a bit about what to do and what NOT to do – and I’m still learning. Join me on this journey as I share with you what I’ve learned and continue to discover about being a Naptime CEO. Because, hey, life is too short to live for weekends!


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Why I work for myself

Last Wednesday I had a great reminder of why I work for myself. Now, let’s be clear that running your own business is not easy. You take on quite a bit of risk, there is no guarantee of a paycheck (or that your clients will pay you on time), and there is no such thing as work/life balance (you just have a life). I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time lately working on training materials for one of my largest clients. This means not only am I working my three days a week with Naomi watching the kids, but I put in another three hours every night after I put them in bed, plus naptimes on the weekends. Add to that my frustration with government regulation and taxes (That’s a whole other post!) and there are days when I wonder if it would be easier to just work full-time elsewhere or be a full-time stay-at-home mom. While I know I could never go being a full-time employee (I like being the boss) I love working.

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