Are We Just Going In Circles?


Have you ever had those moments where you feel like you’ve been in this situation or gone through the day once before? A deja vu moment? Do you ever feel like you’re repeatedly putting out the same fires or reminding others to not make the same mistake?

At these moments, have you asked yourself, “Are we just going in circles or do we have a destination?”

It’s very easy to fall into this cycle and I’ve been there myself. Want to break out of your own personal Groundhog Day movie? Here are the six strategic steps I try to follow every morning. I don’t do all six every morning (that’s not the point), but I usually get at least three or four of them in each day. These steps help me stay focused, on task, and achieve more of my goals. How’s that for a strategic plan? Continue reading

The Best Business Decision I Ever Made


In one of my earlier posts (The Blessing in “No”) I talked about my struggles last year trying to grow my business and despite all my efforts seeing our client work slowing down. One of the reasons I was able to successfully make it through that challenging period was because early on in my business I made a key decision. This decision not only got me through last year, but other lean years as well. In fact, it has become a cornerstone of how I run my business. If you are in business or considering launching a business I would strongly encourage you to make this decision too. What is it? Continue reading

5 Keys to Being A Better Entrepreneur

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In the seven years I have been an entrepreneur, I have learned a thing or two about succeeding (and failing) as a business owner and a mom. When you don’t apply or follow these keys, business and life is a huge struggle that saps your energy, focus, and can make you want to throw your hands up and quit. On the other hand, when you do follow them, everything just seems simpler and runs better (not always easier – you are still running a business). So whether you are considering launching a business, in the start-up phase, or working on growing your business, these keys are all applicable.

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The Blessing In “No”

Looking up

“What if Your blessings come through raindrops,
What if Your healing comes through tears,
What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You’re near?
What if trials in this life are Your mercies in disguise?”
– Laura Story, Blessings

I’ve recently gone through a period of time with my consulting firm where I had to learn to see the blessing in “No.” Have you ever been there? During that time, I listened to the song quoted above and struggled with finding the blessing in “No” until just about two months ago.

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You Can Fire A Client But Not Your Child

Youre Fired

Do you ever have one of THOSE days? If you’ve been a parent for, oh I don’t know an hour, you’ve had one of THOSE days. Mine was this past Sunday.

My son is now almost 7 years old. He is very high energy, very bright, and very strong-willed. (Don’t know where he got that from….) While I’m usually pretty good at channeling his energies, it wasn’t working on Sunday. The entire drive home from church consisted of him asking me questions and then arguing with every answer I gave, even to the point of whether or not there were strawberries in the refrigerator! (which there weren’t but he insisted there were.) Once we got home the conversation switched to what needed to be done (hanging up church clothes, eating lunch, and playing with his sister) and him emphatically not wanting to do any of it. And on it went…

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Overcoming the Obstacles to Your Dreams

It breaks my heart to see and hear so many parents who want to be more involved in raising their children and yet feel trapped in their current situation unable to make a change. It’s as if they are standing on the edge of a cliff and can see the promised land, but just don’t know how to get there.

When I talk with my friends who are still working full-time, they often will say, “I wish I could run a business from home like you do, but…”

“… I would never make as much as I do now.”
“… I have no idea what I would do or how to start.”
“… I just don’t have the discipline.”
“… my spouse would never go for it.”
“… it seems so risky.”

Maybe you’ve said this, or something similar. The problem is, they are all lies.

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Making a Difference in 2013

If you’re like most people, by the end of January, you will have abandoned your New Year’s resolutions and gone back to your same routine from last year.

Even with the best intentions, we slip up and go back to the familiar, what feels comfortable or what we are used to. I’ve done it myself – most specifically with this blog.

But here’s how to make 2013 different. How you can be the one who does achieve their goals this year.

(And may I just say, I am preaching to myself and am doing all of this right along with you.)

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5 Habits To Get Yourself Unstuck


As we are pursuing our goals, there are times when we get stuck. We start going in circles instead of towards our destination. I ran into this problem earlier this year in my business and spent too much time going in circles instead of breaking out and getting back on track to my destination. As I went through that process, I focused on building five habits back into my life. I can’t take credit for developing these habits, I picked them up from the book of Proverbs. (If you read that book 12 to 15 times, you’ll practically get an MBA, it’s in there.)

The preface to all of this is you have to seek to get unstuck. Which means there must be an energy, a passion in your efforts and activity.

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You Are Not Just Filler

As I look around at my neighbors, acquaintances, and the people who work for some of my clients, I see a lot of people living life as though they are just filler. Their whole existence seems to consist of getting up, going to work, doing enough to not get fired, going home, tending to a couple family things, going to sleep, and then repeating the whole thing the next day. When you ask them about their day or what’s new, they reply – in a very monotone voice – “Fine.” or “Not much.”

When I see them, I sometimes feel like their physical movement is the only thing that proves they are alive. And maybe that’s true, because their spirit certainly seems to have died.

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