Why I Choose To Be A Naptime CEO

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It may come up in normal networking conversation or it comes up from a friend who is burnt out and frustrated with their work. At some point though the question arises, “What do you like best about being self-employed?”

This question always brings a smile to my face.

At first, I thought the answer was freedom. But I quickly realized that freedom was too general an answer for me. If you’ve read Tim Ferris’ book The 4 Hour Work Week, you quickly pick-up that freedom for him is to be able to work anywhere in the world he chooses. For some other entrepreneurs I know freedom is the ability to create and build a business without limitations or restrictions from a boss or other hierarchy.

So what did freedom mean to me? Continue reading



Hi, I’m Megan Burns, the Naptime CEO. I started and grew a professional consulting firm during naptimes because I didn’t just want better work/life balance, I just wanted a LIFE! Along the way I’ve learned quite a bit about what to do and what NOT to do – and I’m still learning. Join me on this journey as I share with you what I’ve learned and continue to discover about being a Naptime CEO. Because, hey, life is too short to live for weekends!


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3 Ways to Handle Negative Comments

Negative Comments

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about bullying. Most prominently was the news story about the football coach who suspended his entire team because they were cyber-bullying another student. Even my own kids were learning about bullying and making pledges to not bully at school. It got me thinking about some of the negative comments I’ve received to blog posts and videos I have posted.

Anytime you put yourself out there, it seems someone feels they can bash you. For me, this is really hard! I was raised to always look for the positive and if I didn’t have anything nice to say, to not say anything at all. Didn’t these people have parents that taught them the same? Continue reading