You Can Fire A Client But Not Your Child

Youre Fired

Do you ever have one of THOSE days? If you’ve been a parent for, oh I don’t know an hour, you’ve had one of THOSE days. Mine was this past Sunday.

My son is now almost 7 years old. He is very high energy, very bright, and very strong-willed. (Don’t know where he got that from….) While I’m usually pretty good at channeling his energies, it wasn’t working on Sunday. The entire drive home from church consisted of him asking me questions and then arguing with every answer I gave, even to the point of whether or not there were strawberries in the refrigerator! (which there weren’t but he insisted there were.) Once we got home the conversation switched to what needed to be done (hanging up church clothes, eating lunch, and playing with his sister) and him emphatically not wanting to do any of it. And on it went…

Sound familiar? As parents we try to raise our children to be independent thinkers, to challenge the status quo, and to be self-sufficient. Yet, we are also trying to teach them how to honor their parents, think of others first, and how to be under authority. Not an easy job. (Honestly, being a mother is by far the hardest job I’ve ever had.)

When I’m working with clients I try to educate them and equip them with the tools they will need when I’m no longer there. They pay my firm good money to help them see their weak spots, develop a plan to change, and guide them through the process.

Sometimes they don’t listen to my recommendations.

Sometimes they don’t follow through with the action plan.

The difference with clients is I can say to them, “You asked me to help you change this, you agreed to the process, but if you continually don’t follow through I can’t help you.” I can fire a client that refuses to be helped. (and I have – graciously) – I can’t fire my children.

There are days – Sunday was one of them – when I would like to leave for a few days. Call it self-preservation, but I just want a nice quiet neat hotel room and a tub to soak in. Some times I want to say “I’m trying to help you if you would just let me.” then let the dog take care of them. Instead, I breath deep – really deep – hang in there until my husband comes home and then head to the gym or book store for a couple hours (or until I know they’re in bed asleep). Fortunately after a few hours, or the next day, I’m refreshed and ready to tackle this challenge called raising God-fearing productive children – again.

Honestly though, parenting and being an entrepreneur are very similar: it’s really hard work if you want to do it well, incredibly rewarding, but definitely not for the weak or timid.

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      • Absolutely! I can’t imagine sending Steve off to active duty, missing him and being worried about his safely all the while keeping the family afloat as mom and dad. I have such respect for military families.

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