5 Habits To Get Yourself Unstuck


As we are pursuing our goals, there are times when we get stuck. We start going in circles instead of towards our destination. I ran into this problem earlier this year in my business and spent too much time going in circles instead of breaking out and getting back on track to my destination. As I went through that process, I focused on building five habits back into my life. I can’t take credit for developing these habits, I picked them up from the book of Proverbs. (If you read that book 12 to 15 times, you’ll practically get an MBA, it’s in there.)

The preface to all of this is you have to seek to get unstuck. Which means there must be an energy, a passion in your efforts and activity.

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You Are Not Just Filler

As I look around at my neighbors, acquaintances, and the people who work for some of my clients, I see a lot of people living life as though they are just filler. Their whole existence seems to consist of getting up, going to work, doing enough to not get fired, going home, tending to a couple family things, going to sleep, and then repeating the whole thing the next day. When you ask them about their day or what’s new, they reply – in a very monotone voice – “Fine.” or “Not much.”

When I see them, I sometimes feel like their physical movement is the only thing that proves they are alive. And maybe that’s true, because their spirit certainly seems to have died.

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Are You Striving For……Mediocrity?

You head in to work every day after dropping off your kids at school or daycare and make you way to your office or cube. Check email, check voice mail, review your schedule.

As you go through out your day you have this nagging feeling that you were made for something greater than this. You want to make a difference, make an impact, but it’s not happening where you are, and it’s not going to.

You feel like an eagle that wants to soar,but someone has put a band around your wings grounding you.

So you drone on through the day, remind yourself that this is called work for a reason, and drag yourself home to your family drained of your energy. You console yourself with the idea that the weekend is coming and you can do what you want then.

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Don’t Bet On Tomorrow

In my last post I said the first step you need to take to start living life is deciding that is what you want. It’s the next step where I see many people falter. The second step is to begin taking action today towards your goal. All too often, I talk with people that have excuses as to why they can’t start a business and leave their jobs. If they work three more years, they’ll be vested for their stock options, then they can start a business. They’re up for a promotion, even though they hate managing people, then they’ll have the money for a business. After they get the next quarter’s bonus and put on that new deck, then they’ll think about starting a new business.

And on, and on, and on it goes.

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Forget Work/Life Balance, I Just Want A Life!

In the halls and offices of Corporate America, HR directors and other managers talk about the importance of work/life balance and come up with different slogans and posters. Yet at the end of the day, most professionals are working 50 to 60 hours a week in the office, some worse than that. Add on your commute time and the work you do at home and pretty soon you’re over 70 hours a week!

How are you supposed to balance your life with that?

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Relaunch of Naptime CEO

To those of you who have subscribed to my blog and have read it, I wanted to let you know a couple things.

First, I am relaunching this blog. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted anything here in over a year. Most of that year has been spent having a really rough time with my business, rediscovering my passion, and reorganizing by business. Out of that journey I have discovered my passion and heart for parents working in corporate America who are burned out, stressed out, and barely seeing their children. My vision is to help them find a way to pursue self-employment so their life is more balanced, their marriages are stronger, and they are move involved in the lives of their children.

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