Blogs, Twitter, and LinkedIn – oh my!

So as a business owner, of course, I have to learn how to stay on top of the latest technology for marketing my firm. The challenge is I don’t have an IT person to help guide me through this. so here I am fumbling through all this stuff. Blogging isn’t too bad if I can just find time to consistently post. LinkedIn is nice to keep track of people I had worked with before in other jobs or engagements. I haven’t figured out yet how to use it to actually find buyers and land business. I think because it would require more time than what I’m willing to commit to it.

The newest outlet I’ve ventured into is Twitter. This is a really interesting and mind boggling medium. At first, I thought “Who in the world is going to want to follow me?” Let’s face it, I’m just a girl trying to be a good mom while running and growing a business. Surprisingly, in the 3 (?) weeks I’ve been on there, I’ve actually attracted some serious followers – like the Pittsburgh Business Times and Manufacturing Crunch!

I will admit, I’ve avoided Facebook. Lots of my friends have asked me if I’m on there or tried to get me on. I just can’t do it. I only have so much time to manage and stay on top of all these different outlets. I would rather spend that time with my kids than trying to manage one more social media. But if you can prove the business value to me of Facebook over LinkedIn, I’ll switch – I’m not doing both!

The challenge for me – besides the technological side of it – is keeping everything (except this blog) strictly business. I value my family’s privacy above anything else. Even here, I try to limit revealing any personally identifiable stuff about my family and I will never post pictures of my family. I have no control over who sees this information and as my son often says “People are crazy”

So I’m continuing my foray into all these new social media. I hope to figure out which are useful, which are not, and how to effectively use them. Wish me luck!

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