Staples and Schedules

Ok, if you’ve noticed my tagline, you’ll see that it reads part-time CEO and full-time mom. The reason I picked it is two-fold, first because I don’t work a traditional five-day week. The other reason is because I think most moms regardless of how many hours a week you work are still a mom and when a child is sick or gets hurt, you a usually the one that stays with the child.

Last Tuesday, my son got his first official injury. He was running laps around our downstairs when he tripped or bounced into the couch (I’m not really sure what happened, I was trying to find and pick up his socks so we could go to our cell group meeting at church.) That spun him around and he fell backwards into the doorway from our family room to the foyer. Of course, he began really crying and I quickly swooped him up. As I’m sitting there rocking him and trying to sooth him I decide to just quickly check the back of his head to make sure everything is ok – that’s when I saw the blood. He had split the back of his head open. Ed and I actually stayed quite calm, getting him cleaned up a bit. Ed took him to the ER for staples and they were back home in less than three hours.

Now, here’s the challenge, I had two meetings scheduled for the next day, plus a dentist appointment. What do I do? As a mom, I want to stay home and baby my child, as a CEO I know I have commitments to my clients. So, I waited to see how he was in the morning. My dentist appointment was at 8:20 am and my son went with me just as we had planned – and you know what – he was fine. So I went to my first meeting about 25 minutes away then stopped back at home – he’s still fine. In fact, he has to be told no running in the house today. Three staples in the back of his head and it hasn’t slowed him down one bit. I worked in the basement for a few more hours before my afternoon meeting 10 minutes away. The boy is still fine.

Step two to this process is getting the staples out. My son has to go this Thursday at 2:30 pm. I was supposed to be meeting with a client two hours away that day. Ed has a meeting at 3 pm that he can’t change or move. So, guess who changed their meeting? Yep, I did. Because like I said at the beginning, it doesn’t matter how many hours a week you work, when you’re a mom – you are always a mom and that is your first priority. So I will be traveling north to met my client tomorrow instead and taking my son to the doctors on Thursday to get his staples out. My kids may not remember all these things when they’re older – I just hope they remember that their mom was there for them.

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